Yoga is a holistic practice that includes physical movements with the asanas (poses), as well as meditation and pranayamas (breathing techniques). The end goal of yoga is to find balance between the body and the mind. If you want to slow-down and calm your monkey mind while moving your body, join us in our daily classes!



Hatha is the first structured yoga system and it’s the most traditional in Western societies. Its name comes from sanskrit Ha – Sun and Tha – Moon, so it is the balancing of our active and calming energies, our masculine and feminine sides. It is focused on the alignment of each asana (pose) and the breathing. As the pose its held by few breaths, it reinforces equilibrium, flexibility and strength.



Vinyasa is an active and dynamic type of yoga where you combine different postures, one after the other, creating a sequence, and moving along it through the breath. The inhales are for upward moves and getting into the pose and the exhales for downward moves and releasing the pose.



Power yoga is a very strengthening type of yoga, with the idea of preparing the body and the mind to achieve a healthy life. We start with strong poses and movements to prepare the body for some fun with arm balancing and headstand poses!



Yin Yoga restorative, slow-paced yoga, where poses are held between 2 to 3 minutes depending on the asana. By holding each posture for longer periods, we allow our bodies to open and release emotions and tension. It’s a modern style of yoga, created to slow down, destress, and calm. It’s practised mainly in the evenings, connecting with the yin (moon) and its soothing and relaxing energy.



In the private classes, you will do a 1 on 1 session with the teacher. The classes are personalized depending on your needs and requests. You can choose from different kind of yoga (Hatha, Vinyasa, Power or Yin) and work in some specific muscles, body parts, or do a therapeutic session, focused on specific diseases. Private meditation classes are also available.



Neus did her 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training in India, exploring the more traditional practices and styles of yoga, as well as the philosophy and lifestyle behind it. She certified herself in Hatha – Vinyasa. Her classes are powerful and strength focused, as well as active and dynamic. Neus started her own journey to find herself and reconnect with her true being. She encourages all of her students to try yoga to discover the peaceful and loving soul that is within each individual (whilst also getting strong and flexible!).




Our Burn Class runs for one hour and includes a warmup, movement instruction and standards, set up and workout. The movements in Burn Classes are geared towards those looking for less heavy weightlifting but still earning a huge calorie burning 30+ minute sweat-fest. You wont find any olympic lifting here.

These classes are designed to be more aerobic based in nature, but will also include HIIT principles, TABATA, and a wide array of methodologies to insure hitting most all cardiovascular pathways.

This class is similar to a bootcamp style class.



Strength training exercise specializing in the use of resistance to induce muscular contraction, which builds the strength, anaerobic endurance, size of skeletal muscles and bone density.



Description coming soon!